HOLOWITS Debut at the Channel Partners Conference in Thailand

[Bangkok, Thailand, March 25, 2022] HOLOWITS showcased a full series of products including next-generation Software-Defined cameras, intelligent video storage and computing platforms, and cloud services, as well as some successful integrated solutions. HOLOWITS aims to work with various reliable partners to provide innovative and industry-vetted solutions and services such as intelligent city, intelligent transportation, intelligent energy, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent campus, and intelligent business, for customers in a wide range of industries in Thailand.

HOLOWITS’s debut at the channel partners conference in Bangkok,Thailand


The 4G era is reminiscent of smartphones functioning as the service platform and the carrier of various mobile Internet applications, enhancing how people communicate with one another and go about life. While industry digitalization in the 5G era further enriches our society — 65% of industry digitalization information is collected through intelligent video-based awareness, which serves as the awareness portal and data carrier for connecting all things. As a series of technologies such as 5G, AI, and intelligent vision technologies are being updated and integrated, an intelligent, all-sensing world is progressively built.

HOLOWITS’s debut at the channel partners conference in Bangkok,Thailand


HOLOWITS is endowed with intelligent vision technologies, a full-fledged industry chain, and powerful technical support capabilities. Driven by ever-growing demands for visual intelligence around the globe, HOLOWITS is committed to developing AI-enabled Software-Defined Camera (SDC), intelligent video storage and computing platforms, as well as cloud service products and solutions, to be applied across a wide variety of intelligent scenarios spanning cities, transportation, energy, manufacturing, campuses, and businesses, and will be continuously devoted to providing premium products and customized solutions — which are safe, reliable, and easy-to-use — for the global market.

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