HOLOWITS Debuts at Huawei APAC Digital Innovation Congress 2022 to Promote Digital Transformation with Intelligent Vision

[Singapore, APAC, May 19th, 2022] HOLOWITS attends The Huawei APAC Digital Innovation Congress 2022 in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. HOLOWITS showcases its next-generation intelligent vision products, including the industry’s first Eco-Cube camera, to help customers develop state-of-the-art solutions, covering fields of intelligent cities, transportation, power grids, campuses, retails, and promote digital transformation for APAC.

HOLOWITS showcases cutting-edge intelligent vision products


“HOLOWITS is honored to attend Huawei APAC Digital Innovation Congress 2022,” said Vinson Yang, CEO of HOLOWITS. He continued, “over the past ten years, digital transformation is gaining momentum across industries. Because of this, intelligent vision is become widely applied from security protection to intelligent operations. By leveraging its incredible vision technology based on ultimate computing power and various algorithms, HOLOWITS provides full series of AI cameras and platforms for various customers to achieve efficient management, service innovation, and business success. As a global company founded in Singapore, HOLOWITS will work with partners and spare no effort to bring digital to APAC.”

HOLOWITS’s intelligent campus solution stood out from the crowd at the congress. This solution leverages inclusive AI capabilities to build three protection circles (outer, middle, and inner) in campuses, enhancing management efficiency, reducing management costs, and innovating service models for campuses. In this way, intelligent video supports not only security protection but also intelligent campus management. Moreover, HOLOWITS provides next-generation software-defined cameras (SDCs), abundant algorithms, and ecosystem applications for intelligent cities, transportation, power grids and retails, to provide personalized intelligent services for customers.

Among the portfolio of cameras, the Eco-Cube camera is designed to address the challenges of providing intelligent vision services in difficult environments, such as areas that lack power supply and network connections. The Eco-Cube camera has a user-friendly design and an elegant droplet-shaped cover. It supports wireless network connection, autonomous power supply, one-click signal optimization, and remote O&M. All in all, this camera is well adapted for challenging environments.

HOLOWITS continuously delivers products and services that help us build a world where all things can sense, making work and life easier and smarter.

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